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Floor Repair

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What to Do If You Are Faced With Water Damaged Floors

Thousands of people have faced the painful difficulties that come with flooding. Flooding, whether a result of nature or man, can leave a myriad of obstacles for homeowners, including water-damaged floors. Clean-up strategies and damages depend largely upon the cause and origin of the flooding. Flood waters can come from several different places with several concerns to consider before beginning any clean-up efforts.

If rain is the culprit, rivers, creeks, and sewage systems can back up and overflow, causing extensive damage. This “black water” as it is called, is the worst type of flooding due to the contaminates and health risks it brings with it. Contact professional water damage restoration services in Moreno valley ca for better services. If you have suffered this type of water damage, it is very important to have a professional thoroughly inspect your home for black mold before you return. Black mold growing on water-damaged floors or walls can pose a serious health risk to your family if they are exposed.

Damage to your floors will take much longer if affected by black water than the other type of flood water. This secondary form of flooding does contain dirty water, but it is not as dangerous as black water. The types of floodwaters that fall into this category come from toilet water, bath water, and dishwater.

You will need to clean up properly and sanitize your home after this type of damage, but it is much safer than black water. The clean-up process will be shorter, and easier, and in most cases, your family can remain in the home. That is unless the damage is extensive.

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Water Damaged Flooring

The finished flooring materials have observed a higher significant surge in their usage as well as popularity as compared to the carpets. Whenever some form of water damage takes place, people employ various restoration professionals to restore their concrete floors and other parts of their homes to a state in which they were before the occurrence of such a disaster.

The extent to which the task of drying different parts of the home can be accomplished depends on various factors such as response time, flooring type, replacement value, type of wood, type of finish, method of installation, amount of moisture, and visible extent of damage, etc. The restoration professional in Moreno valley is responsible for carefully examining the damp floor. After performing a detailed analysis of the damp floor, he/she can determine the extent to which the previous condition of the floor can be recovered.

Time plays an important role in determining the amount of damage that may be caused to the various entities on the occurrence of water damage. With the increase in the amount of time for which the moist entities of a person’s home are left untreated, the extent of damage increases. The process of absorption of moisture by hardwood flooring takes place slowly because of the porous nature of hardwood flooring.

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Tips For Dealing With Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Hardwood floors are very popular in most homes. Depending on the type of hardwood you have in your home, there are some tips for effectively dealing with hardwood floor water damage that can save you time and the need to replace your entire floor when it has been damaged.

It is important to stop the leak as soon as you notice water on your floor. If you have a solid hardwood floor it can warp very easily when water is left sitting on it. Does not just blot the water from the floor, the water must be vacuumed up completely? Another quick tip when you have blotted the water is to use a hair dryer on the area to make sure it is completely dry.

If the entire floor has been damaged, it is normally necessary to have a professional in Moreno valley remove the water and treat the floor to avoid warping and cracking. When the damaged area is in a small area, it may be necessary to replace the undercoating and boards in that area. This is one reason that most people get extra boards when they have a hardwood floor installed.


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